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We had an absolutely fantastic holiday at Il Casale Della Nonna. Antonella made us very welcome from the first time that we contacted her and all the way through our trip. There was nothing more that we could have asked. The house itself is amazing. After conquering the steps up (which were manageable for both of us, even though my wife was 22 weeks pregnant at the time) we met Antonella who had provided cold, lemon and mint flavoured water for us to drink. She showed us round the house, which had everything we might have asked for, and took us out onto the terrace to see the amazing view of Maiori. She then told us that her father had prepared pasta sauce for us, which was sitting on the stove, and picked a selection of tomatoes and lemons from the garden. There was also a bottle of home made Limoncello in the fridge. We were also given a selection of books about the area and told about local events going on during our stay. Over the course of the four days we spent in Maiori, Antonella made sure we were having a good time and that everything was ok with the house on a regular basis. Her father picked us fruit from the garden. It was amazing. The house itself is truly idyllic - a real taste of a different side of the Amalfi coast to the posh hotels. Walking around the paths in the old part of Maiori really allowed us to see a different side of Italy. We got to see the donkeys carting the lemons up and down and the people preparing their gardens and tending the lemon groves. Maiori was also a very nice place to stay. It doesn't suffer the extremely high volume of tourist traffic that Amalfi and Positano do, but gives easy access to those towns and others along the Amalfi coast. It has a large beach but also a road leading directly into the mountains that front the coast, and a large number of restaurants and shops. Staying in Il Casale was the absolute highlight of our holiday to Italy. Antonella was as welcoming and helpful as any host we have had the pleasure of meeting when using Air Bnb. We couldn't recommend it highly.

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