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living to 336 steps from the world... but with every confort!

"There is a time for staying, to sit and to look at the line of the endless one, the line between the sky and the sea...
There is a time for slow down and for grant to breathe.
There is a time where the heart speaks if we stop there to listen to it.
And there is a time for taking back the walk, whatever it is and for moving to what awaits us.
Confident, always. And light is."
- Shreya -

Delio owned a restaurant for more than 50 years and will be a joy for him to prepare for you the recipes typical of the Amalfi Coast!

They don't have tractors,

they don't use the plow...
but they work with the hands,
with the staircases, with the ropes...
They don't fear the sun, neither the wind, neither the rain: they are ready also to everything to protect the patrimony of the Amalfi Coast!

The king of the Casale is surely the  "AMALFITAN LEMON"."
Find relax and taste

among the colors
and the perfumes of the season!

Experiment good runs for the body and the mind:
healthy movement in total harmony with the nature to reinvigorate the physical and to find again concentration
and equilibrium.

More than a garden, is a balcony leaned out on the sea! Sun and good air: can there be a best mix to get healthy products?

An ancient rampart that dominates sea and mountains, all to be discovered,
with heartbreaking views.
A long stairway in stone that will make you relive the life in the past.

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