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We are a bizarre family that choose to keep in a place

her story and all that belongs to her origins!

A “buen  retiro” where you find the best of each of us!

"Our grandmother was a big example of someone always taking care not only of own house but also of own land.

She took care of her LEMONS as  they were her sons and showed us that who is so lucky to have a UNESCO heritage land, must have great respect of it."

"Even if we always don't know your language, our SMILE speaks to you of the warm hospitality typical of our country, our WELCOME POT with water, lemon and mint tells you how much we love simple and genuine things and the magic sunsets on the breathtaking view from the Casale will tell you about our history."


& gorizia





"A life in the world of great events, then the meeting with the great Pepe Mujica and the discovery of the happy decrescita in the place of the heart.
I love welcoming you and to make you discover MY COAST, to make you meet my usual friends and to help you to live the most authentic experiences making you feel  TOWNSMAN DOC."

"Always in unstable balance between dream and need, I put the heart in all that I do.
I love the SENSE OF FAMILY and I feel our guests as my extended family to be welcomed and taken care. I have inherited from my dad the passion for the kitchen, above all for the CAKE DESIGN and for use of WEEDS ."

When Antonella and Carmen are not in Maiori, Delio and Gorizia or our friends of the Casale will wait for your arrival!
Delio daily takes care of the flowers and the garden but it is very discreet and it is always ready to help you.
Antonella's cell has always turned on for any necessities and she doesn't make you miss

the daily chatter to program your best days on the Coast.


The Casale della Nonna holds the history of our family: our great-grandfather Vincent has built it,

our Grandmother Antoinette with the numerous family lived here, dad Delio and mother Gorizia restructured it

and finally the new generation shared it and made it a real oasis of peace and relax between the sea and mountains.

Guarda il video qui sotto per saperne di più.

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