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"I believe whether to have the earth and not to ruin is the most beautiful form of art that can be desired"

- Andy Warhol -

Thjs is the reason why we sustain with the journalist Flavia Amabile the great project of the Flying Farmers

to which has been devoted a photographic book that you will find in the rooms of the Casale.

 If you decide to purchase it, you will contribute to the harvest deep that is allowing us to propose concrete helps

to the small growers that, with great work, preserve the most precious thing that the Amalfi Coast has: THE LEMON.

The House of the Farmers is devoted to them.

In this gallery, you will find part of the photos of the photographic show on the Flying Farmers that Europe is turning.

We want the young people to restart to love the earth and to take care of it and with the help of our friends artists we have created an event that merged, for one day, the life of the Flying Farmers to that of the more famous STREET ARTISTS of Italy

In front of a good glass of our wine, we will tell you about it

and we will show you the benches of the Waterfront decorated by the artists

and the traces that Tomoko Nagao and Pao have also left to our Borgo.

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